How to Keep Your Pet Cat Scratch Happy and Healthy

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Healthy Scratchy Happy Cat

Healthy pets
Pets have been around humanity time immemorial. Pets provide companionship and most pet keep utmost loyalty to their masters. In prehistoric period, dogs known to accompany men while hunting, for example. Moreover, people like to pet different kinds of birds, animals, and reptiles, to name a few. Some like singing birds at their homes since singing birds known to calm mind and help us to relax.

Children love the companionship of their pets and most consider pets their precious possession. Interestingly, people develop emotional attachments with their pets and treat them as part of their family. In some case of display of love and affection of their departed pets, people have built tombs on their pets

Emotional attachment with pets
Further, most people keep dogs and cats as their pets. Association with a dog, for instance, has proven to provide emotional support for people in the times of distress. Moreover, dogs have uncanny ability to understand their master’s emotions. Nonetheless, the same rule may not apply to cats. Cats are mysterious animals, independent and aggressive when compared to dogs. Moreover, cats have certain habits that are different from dogs. For instance, cats like to climb and scratch sofa or any other soft objects to the worry of a house owner.

If you have a pet cat at home, it is essential that you pay attention to proper care and requirements of the pet in the finest possible manner. Many factors go at length in making your feline healthy. However, some factors are crucial.
Litter box

The first thing that you need to handle your pet cat is litter box. It is annoying to have your cat litter around everywhere in the house, with you cleaning the waste now and then. It is where the litter box comes in handy. Position it in a way that the cat is at ease when using the box. Besides, ensure to clean the box every day.

Healthy diet
We all require a healthy and well balanced diet. You may want to eat healthier foods to keep your weight in check. Naturally, you have fitness and healthy food to keep your weight under control. Similarly, your feline too wants good food to eat. Give your feline a diet high on protein. You can comfortably find various cat food brands in the market. Ensure that you do not go for the cheap variety as they just contain filler and have little nutritional value.

Scratching post
Another thing of importance is scratching post. It is popular for cats to indulge in a bit of scratching session now and then. While scratching in cats is often the sign of marking the territory, it may sometimes be their way of dealing with anxiety as well. Having a scratch post at disposal could help your cat scratch as per its heart’s content. This may prevent the damage of your furniture too.

Pet toys
Toys are another addition to the list of must-haves for your pet cat. You could find toys for pet cats. Try to find toys that are not just entertaining but offer mental stimulation to your pet. Try searching for toys that are scented or stuffed with catnip. This herb excites cats that could help in holding their attention.

Indoor perch
Another must have for your pet is indoor perch. Cats are naturally inclined to climb and may find it complicated to adjust in the restricted boundaries of the house. You can ease such irritation by setting the perches in your home. The perches are commonly available in the market and can help your cat fulfill its inherent need to climb. In case you wish to maximize your savings, be certain that you purchase the same over the internet.

When most pets considered part of pet owner’s family, it is essential that pets are treated with care. When people understand the behavior and instincts of their pets, it will relieve both pets and owners of their stress and anxiety. Understanding what our pets needs is the most important step in keeping our pets happy and active.

Original post via: H2O Magazine Blog

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