Open Letter for Lewis Hamilton from Tim S.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Dear Lewis

Heh Lewis thinks he’s great because from his narrow and ignorant perspective he’s concentrating on what he thinks is the most important aspect of the sport, winning.

But he’s wrong. People always win in sport, always, but people don’t watch all sports all the time because, while there’s always a winner, people need to understand the sport, and identify with those they want to win.
Sadly it seems some people indentify with people ONLY because they happen to come from the same country as them. Well that’s their choice, Lewis has got a lot of fans…

I also identify with Lewis Hamilton, that’s why I want him to lose and be shown for who he is. He is spoiled, arrogant, ignorant and totally unempathic. He’s lived a sheltered life and been brought up with some grossly inadequate values.You know the only way to win in sport? To beat OTHER PEOPLE. To make this interesting, all of these people competing play by the same rules, so that you know who has won.But Lewis, with his childish worldview, doesn’t see the bigger picture. He just cares about himself and his perspective. Pity. Pity he can’t see that rules are there to make winning more important. Pity he can’t see that there are (usually) 24 other drivers (including the “monkeys” at the back – a Lewis Hamilton quote there) all the same as him who want to win just as much.

To be honest it’s quite sad. The only think that makes it irritating is the fact that the British sporting press have been going on about him for ages as if he couldn’t do anything wrong, and that coverage of him is woefully disproportinate, especially from ITV a couple of years ago.

Formula One Racing would be SO much better without him. He ruined the race on Sunday because he thought he had the right to be ahead of other drivers because he thinks he’s better than them. But how does he know? He’s not even competing in the same sport. Lewis Hamilton is competing in the Lewis Hamilton Ego Formula One conundrum, a game he can’t win, and can’t lose.

Tim S.

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